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Applying for the Marriage License

The last time I saw my Dad’s family was at Thanksgiving. Sitting around the dinner table they asked various questions about the upcoming wedding. One of my uncles joked that it was important “not to forget the marriage license.” Apparently when he and my aunt got married they traveled up from Texas to New York, and between organizing things from afar, and all the little details of the wedding the “week of,” everyone forgot about applying for the marriage license. Luckily my grandmother knew someone at the country clerk’s office, and everything was rectified in time.

I consider myself pretty organized. I’m trying to get a lot done in advance so that the “week of” we are not so stressed out. I’m keeping a running spreadsheet on RSVPs (for the two ceremonies), meal selections, gifts, and thank you notes. I already have center pieces and guest favors mapped out and pre-ordered. I’m hoping to have programs for both weddings done within the next two weeks, as well as song lists and photographer info. I like thinking about the details. Or maybe I’m just an event-organizing-freak.

But the time ticks by quickly! A college friend of ours is getting married on Friday, which is exactly one month before our American ceremony. Tomorrow is exactly one month from our Nepali ceremony. I’ve been waiting a really long time for this, and needless to say I’m excited, but it’s also crazy how quick it all of a sudden is! I blinked, and now it is only a month away!

So with the 30 day mark hovering I thought, what the heck, lets apply for the marriage license so that there is one less thing to worry about.

In Massachusetts you have to fill out an application for your “intention” to marry, and three days later you can pick up your license. You have to use your license within 60 days, which we already have covered. Last night I said to P, “Let’s go to City Hall tomorrow and fill out the application.” And today during my lunch break at the office I went to the ATM to take out the $40 application fee, drove to P’s university to pick him up, and together we headed to City Hall.

I can officially pick up the license on Monday and I can store it safely until 32 days from now!

"Documenting" the moment. This photo is also a very nice example of "pinky-whiteness" versus nice and tan (from my last post).