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Saraswati Puja

(This post was accidentally posted yesterday– however, due to time difference P and I were confused. Saraswati puja is today, but happened yesterday in Nepal because they are so many hours ahead of US time.)

I never know exactly when South Asian festivals are happening– until someone tells me or I see posts on Facebook– so I think it’s nice to have reminders sometimes :)

Thus… Happy Saraswati Puja everyone. Since I work at a university, and P and many of our friends are graduate students, as well as quite a few readers, I figured it would be nice to wish you all for the day. May your studies and productivity be fruitful.

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of learning. So it seems appropriate. May she help you when you need inspiration to learn and finish your school work. If you are like me, you probably need this inspiration all the time to help you focus.