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The State of Nepal

I was chatting with P tonight on Skype. I feel like I’ve rarely had the chance to talk to him since he has been home because the electricity has been so sporadic. On Monday and Tuesday combined they only had 5 total hours of electricity and they only get water once every seven days.

He posted to facebook a cartoon from one of the Kathmandu newspapers. He says it pretty much sums up the current state of Nepal:

It says: "No petrol, no electricity, no jobs, no water, no security, no ministers... only a prime minister."

His grandfather kept holding the newspaper up to the webcam to explain the pictures repeating, “no anything, just prime minister!”

Its tough to be in Nepal. P said that during this visit his father has made it clear that he doesn’t want P to move back to Nepal, that the situation in the country has gotten so bad that he wants his son to stay in America and have the “American dream.” I understand he wants the best for his son– but if all the best and brightest leave, who will pick up the pieces of the broken country? It’s maddening and frustrating.