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We’re Having a Heat Wave!

I meant to write about ANA today, but my brain is a bit fried from the heat wave that the northeastern half of the United States has been experiencing. New England isn’t supposed to have weather like this—so air conditioning isn’t necessarily as ubiquitous as in other parts of the nation. My second floor apartment is sweltering, and my second floor office boils. I only have a tiny floor fan, and an open window which is letting in hot air. Returning to my hermetically sealed office after the 4th of July (US Independence Day) weekend, which was also relatively hot, meant the air inside was literally cooking, and it made me physically ill to sit inside (not kidding).

After work I took a DVD to the library so I could at least cool down in the air conditioning for a little bit. Unfortunately my little dog, who is covered in thick black fur, couldn’t come with me. I felt so bad for him and gave him four cold showers over the course of the evening to try and cool him down. AS said it was so hot that she saw squirrels walking around like dazed zombies, too hot and tired to scurry anywhere.

So in the meantime, if you are in the heat—stay cool, if you are a football fan—enjoy the final World Cup matches this week, and… don’t worry, I have lots to talk about once I stop sweating.

In keeping with the theme, enjoy this 1963 hit single from Martha Reeves and the Vandellas— “Heatwave

ANA Coming to Boston

ANA, also known as “The Association of Nepalis in Americas,” is an organization created in 1983 by Nepalis (and friends of Nepal) to “promote preservation of Nepali identity and culture in the Americas, to foster cordial relations among Nepalis and Americans, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the participation of Nepali-Americans in the communities they live in.”

The ANA website goes on to declare the following goals for the non-profit organization:

  • Continuity and promotion of the cultural, religious, linguistic, historical, and educational heritage of Nepal
  • Promotion and encouragement of dance, drama, and the art heritage of Nepal
  • Recreation and meditation center for Nepalis, Americans, and International guests
  • Research library and referral materials
  • Conference and meeting place for Nepalis and Friends of Nepal
  • Information for tourism, white water rafting, mountaineering, and trekking
  • ANA scholarship project for Nepali students from remote areas of Nepal
  • Nepali safe drinking water and medical assistance program for rural Nepal
  • Nepal emergency and disaster fund
  • Nepali school project for development of more schools in Nepal

A culminating event for the organization each year is the annual ANA Convention, a place where Nepalis (and friends of Nepal) can gather. The convention venue rotates around the US, but this year it just so happens to be in Boston. I’m hoping to attend for the first time.

I’ve asked around to others who have attended ANA conventions in the past. There are many different types of events held, including an opening ceremony, sporting events, academic and political discussions, DJ night, food festival, fashion show and cultural show. Nepalis of all ages have something to participate in. I’m particularly interested in the food festival and cultural show, but you can check the schedule of events for more information.

I think it is wonderful that the Nepali community continues to have such strong bonds, even within the diaspora, and I’m looking forward to the event. P and his brother, along with a few friends from the DC-Metro area are planning a trip up.

Anyone else planning to attend? Perhaps we can get a “significant other” group started at the convention.