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Gurkhas in Afghanistan

P has a childhood friend whose family moved to the US several years ago with green cards, and to help pay his American college tutition P’s friend joined the army ROTC. Eventually he was called up for service in Afghanistan and has since already served at least one tour of duty. We met up with him randomly last summer in Nepal, and he told us a bit about his experience, and about meeting other Nepalis working there–whether they were contracted as cooks and other service workers by the US army, or Gurkhas serving with British troops.

Anyway, P found an interesting five minute video last night that I thought I would share about Gurkha troops in Afghanistan, and how many Gurkha soldiers connect with the local Afghan people. It was pretty interesting. You can watch the short video here: From Himalayas to Helmand.

Video description:

For almost two centuries, the Gurkhas have held a place among the fiercest and most loyal warriors in modern history. This group of young men, who come mostly from the rugged hills of rural Nepal, have fought for the British in almost every war since 1815. Today, members of the Royal Gurkha Rifles have a robust presence in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. They play an invaluable role in training and mentoring programs for the Afghan National Police and the Afghan National Army, mainly because of the cultural knowledge they bring with them.