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Happy SECOND Blogiversary American-Nepali!

August 25th marks the completion of my first two years of blogging and the start of my 3rd. Hurray!

In addition to roughly 294 posts and more than 168,000 views, you have followed me through two friend’s Nepali weddings (Monsoon Wedding, Nepali Wedding in New England), as well as my own. You have listened to my struggles to learn Nepali (which is still a struggle), my love/hate relationship with rice, my experiences with other foods, my stories about traveling, and  meeting P’s parents for the first time, becoming engaged, and learning how to celebrate Nepali festivals–even silly things like the Sel Roti Challenge!

We have celebrated milestones like P’s Bratabhanda, his tenth year in America, and applying for his Green Card. Hopefully in the next  year or so we can celebrate him finishing his phd :)

In the year to come there will be a lot more to write about– if I can “out” our dear friends R and S… they will be having a baby in November, so I’ll officially be an “aunty” and attending my first “Pasne” ( rice feeding ceremony) as well as other baby stuff :). P and I are planning a trip to Nepal before the end of 2011. Mamu and Daddy are still here with us for another month as well as some other potential surprises.

Lastly, I want to thank all my readers. When I first started writing I never imagined that it would connect me to such a vast network of interesting, intelligent, interculturally aware people. I’ve made friends, and connections, and it is so nice to know that what I’m feeling or thinking is sometimes similar to what other people are feeling (phew! I’m not crazy!)–and that when other people read what I have to say, sometimes it makes them feel better too. You guys are truly awesome, and I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with you in such a personal way!

Thanks again for a great year! Hopefully year three will be just as good!

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“Greatest Hits” for 100,000 Views

I reached 100,000 views about two weeks ago. A milestone I never really imagined reaching. I was hoping to write a post in honor of this, but work and home became too busy to write anything meaningful.

So it was suggested that I should do a “greatest hits” post, but rather than repost things that actually received a lot of hits, I wanted to post stories that were particularly meaningful or interesting to me—or topics that I wrote about a long time ago, but are probably buried far down the chain of posts that new readers might not have read them yet:

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Thanks again to all those who read, and to those I’ve gotten to know through the blogging world. This has been such an eye opening and interesting experience, and I look forward to getting to know more of you in the future!

Happy reading!