Cast of Characters

Just in case some of the single letter names are getting a bit confusing while reading through posts, I thought I’d make a short list to keep everyone on the same page.kinship

C– American narrator
– C’s Nepali “significant other”– as of 7/10/11 he’s now her husband!! :)

S– P’s friend and roommate from high school, and former roommate in Maine before P transferred to New York. Famous for his cooking skills (particularly momo) and for sending P the movie which led P and I to eventually get together
R– S’s wife, and P and C’s close friend
AS– Friend and neighbor from our current home. Also good at translating, she became my Nepali language tutor for a while ;)
N– AS’s “significant other.” Described in one post as “highly political” and in another as P’s fake “mama” at his Bratabandha.
D– P’s and C’s friend from undergrad, now living in the same town as us, P’s guru during his Bratabandha. He is also a Chelsea fan.
KS– Another friend of P and C from undergrad, now attending the same grad school as P.
AD– Friend from undergrad, now lives near R and S. Known for his sense of humor.
ACFriend of P’s from high school, also went to school in Maine and eventually New York with P.
ON– a friend and “Old Neighbor” in our current town. She tikka-ed P during “Bhai Tikka.”
RH– Our upstairs Irish neighbor. Traveled to KTM with P and I to trek in Solukhumbu. Has a legendary appetite.
S-di, M-dai and R-dai– Former graduate students, and Nepali neighbors who often host important Nepali festivals, and tend to sing and dance at Nepali gatherings.
BG– Our neighbor and P’s fellow Nepali geography colleague. He once insisted that sleeping with an onion under your armpit will give you a fever.
HSS– High School Sweetheart, discussed in “Making My Move
PG– Pakistani Guy, friend from International House discussed in “Making My Move

U– P’s younger brother, symbollically cut P’s hair during Bratabandha
Mamu– P’s mother
Daddy– P’s father
J Phupu– P’s aunt (father’s sister)
HajurBua– P’s paternal grandfather
M-di- P’s cousin, her grandfather was Kakabua’s older brother. M-di comes to visit us from time to time, and she is the relative I probably learn the most from in terms of family stories!
MK- Jyoti Phupu’s daughter, studied in the US, is dating an American man (MS), but is currently in Nepal waiting for her fiance visa.
MS– MK’s American boyfriend.

K- C’s middle sister, involved in the “fat” story with P’s dad and named her dog Peyton
M– C’s youngest sister, celebrated Dashain with us in 2009.
Mom– C’s mother
Dad– C’s dad

9 responses to “Cast of Characters

  1. I would suggest fake names or nicknames – just ’cause the letters will get confusing quickly, I imagine (at least for me!).

  2. I was going to use fake names, but P thought that was kind of silly, and didn’t like any of the names I tried to pick out for him anyway. He wanted me to just use real names, but I explained that someday when he is applying for a job, he doesn’t want the university to google him and find all this stuff on his personal life. Plus I’m not sure how comfortable some of our friends would be if their names were out there as well. At least for now it seems to be working… many “characters” (like S) will be reoccurring anyway :)

  3. P is now C’s Nepali husband.

  4. Hi!!
    I am an Indonesian and I have been living with a Nepali man for 2 years in Norway. A week ago his grandma passed away after a long sickness. He is very sad (which for me quite uncommon for a man in his 30s to be very sad about the death of grandparents), and since then our life has changed. He sleep separately on the floor and will not do anything that will lead into romance. He also eat only boiled vegetables without salt or spices, and eat rice only once during the day. He will not talk about his grandma’s death, and does not give me any explanation for things that he can do and cannot do. It makes me very sad to see him very sad, but cannot do anything about it.

    I would like to know more about this “mourning period” thing as it is very new for me and there is not much I can find on the net. For your information it is his paternal grandmother who is passed away, and he is a Brahmin. I don’t know if this related or anything, just want to make sure I got a right information :)

    I hope you can help me by providing more information so I can understand better about this. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance :)


    • Hi Adriana,

      I forwarded your comment to a Nepali friend and this is what she had to say…

      “The partner need not worry here and I believe this should not be threat to their romance life. Her husband is definitely in a mourning period and doing stuff a grandchild should do when his paternal grandparents die

      – sleep on floor ( its a way of giving away comfort)
      – eating food without spices or oil (eating as pure and as possible), not eat non-veg for a year (i think Son is the one who strictly follows these rules and others do by choice and respect)
      – people back home would wear white plain clothes and some even just wrap unstiched piece of white cloth around them
      – shave their hair
      – this last 13 days usually and some continue for 45 days”

  5. Letters as names seem too detached. Besides searching a first name in Google will surely show up in a million or more.

  6. नमस्ते University City, Philadelphia बाट!! My name is Gregory and I live here with Bekha Maya who is from Patan. Let us know if you are in the area any time perhaps we can share a meal of दाल भात!

  7. The initials are hard to remember. Otherwise, it’s an intriguing blog.

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