My New Anthem?

I had to share this… since my pitfalls in learning Nepali sometimes make me think, “I can only imagine… if I’ll ever learn!”

My personal favorite lyrics– “I can only imagine/when the day comes/when I find myself/with a loosened tongue,” “When they ask if I have eaten, will I say uh-huh or khae?” and “Surrounded by Nepalis, what will my mouth say?”

So enjoy this Friday fun video:

6 responses to “My New Anthem?

  1. Nice one! I wonder same thing… :)

  2. lovely – she looks joyous! : )

  3. I’m glad that you found this one–my friend here made it. Such a small world! I’m living in KTM, originally from Pennsylvania and dating a Nepali. I found your blog a couple of months ago and have been hovering around since then.

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