Congratulations to R and S!

I have so much to write–knee surgery follow-up, International Education Week, P’s cousin coming back from Nepal, not to mention the remaining posts from our Nepal trip–but first things first…

Many of you are familiar with R and S. They are our very close and dear friends who often show up in blog posts. P went to high school with S, they were there for P and and my engagement, I did a whole series on their wedding in Nepal, and they were both in our wedding party and helped so much with both ceremonies.

So I am very excited to announce the birth of their first child– “NS” born early Sunday morning.

While P has been healing from his surgery, we have been waiting for the call from S to let us know about their son’s arrival. Late last week I would occasionally get a text late at night from R, and I was excited to open it thinking it was news of labor, but instead they were messages like, “good luck to P on his surgery” and “no signs of baby yet.”

S called us around 9am on Sunday morning to let us know about NS’s arrival. I was so excited I wanted to jump in the car and drive down to meet him right away. Alas, we need to wait a little while more before P can manage any trips. I’m dying to meet the little guy, but hopefully soon.

So congratulations to the new mother and father, R and S, and welcome to the world NS.

5 responses to “Congratulations to R and S!

  1. Baby NS looks adorable! Best wishes for R&S and their new family :)

  2. what an adorable baby!

  3. …its so sweet. welcome in the world.

  4. Make sure you add NS to the Cast of Characters of this blog. =)))))

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