“Changa” Flying in Photos

P returned home safely on Thursday, just in time for Tihar. Sampson and I are very happy to have him back.

He also brought home the camera, so now I can share some photos from our trip. This will hopefully inspire me to finish the half dozen posts I have partially written about the rest of our journey.

When I wrote the posts Vijaya Dashami, Now Go Fly a Kite and Changa Chet! some readers asked for photos… so I wanted to share a few:

Our first day of kite flying (Vijaya Dashami post)

Starting out...

Getting a feel of the wind

A sharp tug surges the kite upwards...

A happy man and his "changa"... even though he is dodging the laundry to fly ;)

From Day 2 (“Changa Chet” post)

Another day, another kite...

The "moves"

Thumbs up can only mean one thing... "chheeeeeeeet!"

Another day:

P and his cousin ready another kite...

Battling changas

P's kite flutters over the neighorhood

His cousin takes the helm...

Flying at sunset...

4 responses to ““Changa” Flying in Photos

  1. Kite flying……I like that so much too. At the fall time we make that too. When ever I been in Nepal, I saw children with the colorful kites.

  2. Love the kite pics and I guess they are chronologically what you’d cover first but bhoj pictures are what we’re crying for!!! ;)
    I use “we” loosely as I can only truly speak for myself, but counting on the fact that some other followers want them as much as I do. Glad you both are reunited.

  3. wow! My husband keeps talking about how much he misses flying kites during Dashain, thanks for helping me to understand.

  4. My husband talks about this with great joy as well.

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