International Student Orientation!

This week is madness at work… 14 hour days, running here and there, answering question after question, and helping all our new students settle in. Yep– it’s international orientation week!

This year we have our largest class ever– roughly 170 international freshmen and about 250 new international graduate students. Now to those of you from giant US state schools, those numbers might sound small, but for an engineering school with only 4,000 total students, and only two full time int’l student advisors, that’s a lot of people to help and keep track of!

But the craziness is also really fun, and I’m always excited to meet our new students.

So in honor of this I wanted to re-post links to two youtube videos on Culture Shock/Cultural Adjustment that I like to use with our new students. Even though it is geared towards graduate students, I think the presenter does a great job introducing the topic and his own experiences with transitioning to life in the US.

Part I:

Part II:

And while I’m at it… I’ll repost one more thing— the PHD comics on “F-1 Student Visa Process Explained” (I have this hanging on my wall in my office.)

4 responses to “International Student Orientation!

  1. grand grand thanks always blogger for those wonderful expressions news and real truths of life

  2. I really really enjoyed the videos! I laughed out loud a few times. Great that these are shown to incoming students…. and I’d actually be inclined to share this with my family coming from India, even though they aren’t in school.

  3. Those videos are great!! They made me reflect a bit on how I phrase things (because the Aussie “phrasebook” is very similar to the American one). Sounds like you have a very rewarding job :)

  4. Its been more than half-a-decade that im in US and im going back to school starting next week. Today is the big day, Orientation. :) im having a culture shock already (yes even after so many years). Enjoyed the video. It is very true. Not sure about the timeframe though. One thing I can tell you is culture shock can last a lot longer and lot more people will experience it. Maybe the 38% that said yes were the ones who came out of the three phases first, the rest had still not realized what they were going through.

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