Where’s the Sunshine?

At least today is warm… but the last week or two has been chilly, overcast, rainy and depressing. Welcome to New England. Case in point, I have a beautiful flowering tree outside my office window, and the large pink blossoms sometimes stick around for a few weeks once the spring warmth arrives, but this year as soon as the tree burst into color the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain and wind knocked all the flowers down into a brown decaying mushy pile. Boo. So many gray clouds makes it hard to feel motivated to do anything, I guess even post blogs.

I think I’ve mentioned New England/Upstate NY weather before (here, here, etc); how finicky it is, how a popular local expression is “if you don’t like the weather just wait ten minutes,” how since it changes so much the weather is a popular icebreaker topic, and how this icebreaker doesn’t work when I travel to more temperate places where the weather stays the same all the time. It’s actually very telling—as soon as the sun comes out, it’s like the whole city comes alive, everyone is out on the street, in the parks, wearing flip flops and shorts (even if it is sunny but fifty degrees fahrenheit!). We New Englanders don’t take good weather for granted!

Anyway, last summer was really hot (I even wrote a post called, “We’re having a Heat Wave”) but this spring/summer is starting out in a similar way to the summer of 2008 when P’s family last visited, with all the gray skies and wet weather. When P’s family came they assumed that since it was summer they didn’t need to bring warm clothes, and P’s mother wound up spending most of her visit borrowing sweaters and shawls from my closet to keep warm. The last few times I’ve spoken to P’s dad I’ve reminded him to pack a few warmer cloths for their visit, just in case.

I do hope we get some sunshine soon, or like the flowers on the tree outside my office, I might just wilt into a decaying lump on the ground.

4 responses to “Where’s the Sunshine?

  1. UGH! This has been the most depressing week ever! Thankfully we had a brief reprieve on Saturday afternoon and I was able to enjoy my nephews birthday at Southwick’s Zoo… but back to rain before the sun went down!

    I hope this isn’t an indication of what summer will be like. Last summer was beautiful and hubby and I enjoyed several beach days on the South Shore… but I have a feeling we were spoiled. Wasn’t all of 2008 crappy? I believe that was the year we didn’t utilize our family pool till the last weeks of summer.

    I am hoping this rain ends soon! I had enough of being indoors this winter… I would have thought with the snow banks piled high past stop signs, this summer would be nicer. Guess we can’t always follow the Almanac’s rule of “harsh winter, nice summer”.

  2. We have a similar saying in Texas, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” Case in point, up until about five minutes ago, it was clear and sunny. Now it’s overcast and windy. Still hot and humid though.

  3. sounds very similar to Toronto weather (except that it probably gets much colder during winter in Toronto). I know what you mean about the city coming alive. Pretty much all cities in Canada from Vancouver (make that Victoria) to St. John’s come alive during the summer. We have like 9 months of winter to look forward to after that.
    Where I am right now (Delhi/NCR region)–sunny = bad = 120 degrees F = cooking alive. I remember a Pakistani family friend telling us way back that people got really happy when it rained during the summer in Karachi. I remember thinking huh? Now I know.

  4. americanepali

    I guess all the weather needed was a little bit of prodding from my blog. Today looks beautiful– with actual sunshine! And it might just last a couple of days (knock wood).

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