Nepali Wedding Outfits

I mentioned that P brought home some wedding goodies from Nepal. These goodies included our Nepali wedding outfits which was very exciting. I’ve had a white wedding dress for a few months, but now with both outfits it really seems real.

P's on left, C's on right.

Of course I tried it on for a quick look, and have a picture… but I don’t want to spoil it, you guys can wait for the real deal in July :)

He also bought saris for my sisters and mother to wear:

and a Nepali topi for my dad. I can’t wait to see my family dressed up for the event! It will certainly be a new and exciting experience :)

9 responses to “Nepali Wedding Outfits

  1. When I first saw both of your outfits I was kinda like surprised… I have never seen wedding outfits from Nepal before. I was quick to notice the different colors (his pinkish and yours bright red) and the pattern on his reminded me of the hospital gown my Mom came home with a few years ago. After googling “nepal wedding outfits” I see that the men are all dressed in this similar pattern and color. Is there a special meaning behind his outfit? Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. ahhh im so excited!! you need to put heaps of unedited pics on facebook for me haha

  3. Beautiful! So exciting.

  4. hehe yes rosy pink color of love romance unison

  5. You should definitely post pics when you get a chance! My male cousins pretty much wore the same kind of outfits for their wedding–they did say it was very hot in the summer! The Saris look beautiful. I have to say though, Nepali wedding outfits are so much better than Indian outfits. The wedding attire in India could double as a billboard. If the lights go out, just point a flashlight at anyone in the wedding party and it’ll reflect 1000 fold.

    I find it ironic that me, being of Nepali origin, am choosing not to do a Nepali style wedding (doing more of a beachy wedding in Sri Lanka)–while most non-Nepalis (men and women) who married Nepalis (that I know), were absolutely thrilled about doing a Nepali wedding.

  6. wow its nice and good to have

  7. I’m getting married, and keep referring to your website when ever I need to explain anything about the Nepalease culture on my wedding website. Thank you for being so insightful!

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