P in KTM

P departed last Sunday for a month long trip to Nepal. The trip came up all of a sudden. He had connected with some researchers at a conference in the fall, and about two months ago they asked if he would like to join them on an expedition to Langtang in the high mountains north of Kathmandu. The researchers will be collecting glacial ice cores, but P is planning to collect water samples for his work. It wasn’t until about two or three weeks before his departure that he actually had a ticket and was certain he was going.

He departs this upcoming Sunday for a multi-week trek into the mountains. I asked him to take lots of photos so that he could potentially put together a guest  post about his trip.

Anyway, P came online last night while D, RH and I were eating dinner. I had jokingly told P before he left that I was going to eat nothing but pasta while he was gone, to cleanse myself for a rice filled summer (pasta-rice wars, please no more rice). The three of us were sitting at the dinner table chowing down on large plates of pasta/veggies/marinara sauce when my googlechat popped up. The electricity had finally turned on in KTM.

I’ve discussed load-shedding before, but it still never ceases to amaze me that the capital city of Nepal lacks hours of electricity a day. As P said, “It’s better to ask how many hours of electricity did you have versus how many hours of load shedding, because it is a smaller number.”

But I guess one doesn’t need electricity to enjoy time at home with your family. Sitting on the roof in the fresh air drinking endless cups of tea, well, endless until it is time to go shopping. With so few days in the city before his expedition, his family has been taking P around on marathon wedding shopping trips. Buying my wedding sari, as well as saris for my two sisters and mother and a dhaka topi for my dad and various other guests, getting measured for his own wedding clothes, etc.

If any interesting stories come up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

7 responses to “P in KTM

  1. god bless,w hat an wonderful article on nepal

  2. Fresh air in Kathmandu…. Not…

    • Ha ha– I actually hesitated while writing that– I was going to say, “sit out in the sunshine” but right now its raining. So– sit outside. I’ll leave it at that ;)

  3. hehe, thats true, fresh air in kathmandu, nepal not possible, but Langtang valley yes, Load Shedding too is a wonder here compared to rest of the world. i am a regular hiker myslef around all hills of kathmandu and some outside of Ktm valley traveller at times, and enjoy when someone loves nepal so much for mountains, the austere feelings, and the pureness of mother nature

  4. For ages when I whenever I was in Kathmandu I always heard “load shedding” to be “low shading” …!! (at least the meanings are kind of similar)
    Would love to see P’s photos and experiences of Langtang :)

  5. It is definitely a battle to manage time to skype with mamu (my mother) with 12+- hour time difference and hardly any electricity at home. Inverter helps a bit but not always.

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