Flash Mob in Nepal

I guess when you hear “mob” in the context of Nepal you might think of a banda–a strike or protest. But this was a mob of another nature…

A friend posted this on facebook earlier today, and I had to share. I guess on April 9th there was a dance flash mob in KTM’s Durbar Square, the supposed first to ever happen in Nepal.

I thought it was kinda cool…

On another note… Happy Nepali New Year 2068!

4 responses to “Flash Mob in Nepal

  1. Happy New Year too!!!
    The flash mob is really cool

  2. It was the first dance flash mob but there have been a few others. Last year there was a pillow fight flashmob and a freeze flashmob. Sorry i don’t know how to make this hypertext (http://nepaltravelblogs.com/profiles/blogs/pillow-fight-in-patan).

    I missed this dance one. It looks like fun!

  3. Hehe this rocks :)
    Thanks for posting and happy New Year!!

  4. cool vid. thanks for posting :)

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