Christian Protests in Nepal

About a week or two ago I read an article on the BBC about Christian burial rights in Nepal, and the recent movement by Christians to pressure the government for official burial grounds. In the past, Christians have buried their dead on the grounds of Pashupatinath, the famous Hindu temple and cremation site in Kathmandu. However they are now no longer allowed to do this, and have struggled to find a place to bury their dead.

Then today, the BBC had a photo/audio slideshow about the issue that I thought I would pass along. It is an issue I never really thought about before– having grown up in a Judeo-Christian setting, burial rights have never been a question. I knew that there was a Christian presence in Nepal, particularly after the church bombing in 2009 (where a school friend of P’s younger cousin was killed), but I haven’t followed information about the various Christian communities.

It also makes me wonder where Nepali Muslims bury their dead?

I’m interested to see how this news story concludes…

6 responses to “Christian Protests in Nepal

  1. the christians have not been banned from cremating or burying their dead if they dont construct concrete graves. the land where they buried their dead is a holy forest where Lord Shiva is believed to have appeared. It isnt just a holy site for nepalese but also for Indians and other Hindus. The Moslems of Nepal have lived in Nepal for centuries peacefully with Hindus, buddhists and Kirants. They have burial sites in the valley and across the republic. Similarly, Christians outside of the valley also bury their dead in designated sites. But in the valley due to limited space, they dont have many cemeteries. Its not like mrigastali is the only site. My personal view is that Christians should be allowed to bury like they used to do with no concrete graves or cremate their body. If not then, they should find another site. since their is already rift between christians and non-Christians, they should keep that in mind and make a conscious decision. If this escalates, it def will not be a Ktm issue, it will be a national and possible international Hindu issue. Christians have been given equal rights in Nepal since it was declared secular. for instance, they can build their religious sites, christmas is an official holiday. Now, people should think of all those countries where minorities are in huge numbers/large percent of the population and dont have their holidays as official holidays. (nepal has less than 0.5% christians, and they are recent converts). I request all Nepalese esp. Sanatana dharma(Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Kirants, Sikhs) to not blow this issue out of proportion even when it seems like christians want a fight. Moslems of Nepal esp Kashmiris have lived in peace with others and we shall do the same. May everyone elevate beyond their sect and religion and live as a human together in harmony.

    Jay Nepal.

  2. nepalese christians are actually denied freely worshipping their religion even after democracy or republic, as old rana regime mentality still in politicians heads

    • very false and untrue. they have the same right as everyone to worship whatever they have. infact Christmas is a govt holiday where Christians are less than 1% of total population.

      Hindus and buddhists have been very tolerants to other faiths but if things like these increase tensions might arise.

  3. Christmas has been Govt Holday only after Republic dclaration, Christians are not only 1 % but more than 40% you need to count all villages of nepal where christianity has been the basis, and If you were on jawalakhel area on Easter Sunday on April 24, you would eb able to count 1 million there , out of 3 million population of kathmandu valley, There are more churches in nepal than there are VDCs, Municipalities counted together. I could say this coz most of my relatives are christians

    • hahahahahha. dont want to be disrespectful but when u say christians are 40% of total popn, people might think you need to check in at Patan Mental Hospital and stay there for couple years. Any source, be it govt, non-govt or even christian sources sayts its below one percent. i wud have understood if you had said 2, 3 or even below 5% percent but 40% hahahahaha. this is the funniest thing i have read today. also i know you will argue with your baseless points and lies but please have a source when u make stupid and outrageous claims.
      Btw there werent 1 million people in jawalakhel on sunday, please know what a million means. And i can assure you that 1/3 of Katmandu is definetly not christian. Just go to any nepalese traditional event, cultural programs, festivals and holidays, we still practise our culture and beliefs. Not everyone runs after dollars and euros. Even if we do, we still carry out culture. May be your relatives are Christians but they probably dont comprise 40% of Nepal’s population.
      thanks for the humor
      May Lord Buddha/Lord Pashupatinath give you some sense and brain
      Jay Nepal, Jay Mahakali

      • Hi– Ikafle and Prabesh, I’m just going to jump in here because I want to keep the comments on the blog respectful of all users. I think its time we end the conversation on this topic for now. Thanks.

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