Recent Interesting Links

In the past few weeks I’ve received several interesting links from readers that I haven’t had the chance yet to share.

The first comes from Roshni whose friend is a deaf-blind activist living in Nepal, working hard to improve the conditions of other deaf-blind people living there. To learn more check out Tactile the World.

Another comes from Erin, the director of a recently founded nonprofit called “Edge of Seven,” which connects volunteers with service projects empowering girls in developing countries. In November the organization began construction on a dorm in the Everest Region of Nepal that will house 40 girls from rural regions of the country where higher education is not accessible. To see pictures of their construction project click HERE. If you want to learn more about the project feel free to check out the link above as well as the Edge of Seven blog. AND, if after reading up on the great work that Edge of Seven is doing, you feel inspired to volunteer, click HERE to get information on volunteer opportunities with the organization.

Sparkly Date Palm sent me two interesting links lately. First—a week or two ago there was an interesting article posted about three Nepali sisters who started their own trekking company in the Annapurna region of Nepal. At the time they started their business there were few, if any, female guides and porters, and the sisters broke new ground in opportunities for women in the trekking industry. To read the article click HERE.

Lastly—she also sent me information about a BBC program that aired recently called “Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters” which followed a British farmer as he joined Nepali honey gatherings while they climbed high into the Himalayas to bring back honey from precarious mountain ledges. It was an hour long program, and I just found a clip of it online, it looks interesting, so if I find the whole thing I’ll pass it along. But HERE is a brief write up on the program to get you interested.

3 responses to “Recent Interesting Links

  1. Awesome links. Hehehe I think actually commented on a post of yours a while ago and linked (or maybe meant to link and forgot) a Culture Unplugged documentary on the Chhetri sister’s and their trekking company—dunno if you’ve seen it but I thought you would like it, I know I thought it was awesome!–The-Women-Of-Nepal-s-Trekking-Industry

    I think it would be awesome to go with a group of girls and patronize the Chhetri sister’s business. One day…

    Anyway, thanks for the other links, too.

  2. Hmmm. The comment I just left is not appearing. I wonder if it went to spam because I put the culture unplugged trekking sister’s link in it. can u check your spam queue?

  3. Glad to be of assistance. Just wondering, do people send P random things about the US?

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