100 Days Until Nepali Wedding

I think there are now 100 days until our Nepali wedding. It sounds like a lot, but I think it will go very quickly… and you know, I’ve done very little thus far to actually “prepare” for it. Most of my attention has been on the details of the American wedding since logistics are characteristically sorted our much farther in advance. Certainly there are details that once completed for the American wedding were also sorted out for the Nepali one—such as printing invitations, or booking a photographer who will cover both events, however I feel there is a whole lot that I need to start thinking about as I shift gears.

And just as the shifting has begun—P decided to leave for a month to go to Nepal! His phd research is on glaciers and climate change, and he made a connection at a conference with some Chinese researchers working on a similar project. About a week or two ago, everything fell into alignment, and he was asked to join a group heading into the mountains for the next month. So he will be almost entirely out of contact as I begin the next phase of organizing.

His family, of course, is very excited to have him home, if only for a few days, before they fly out to the US sometime in late June. He will be able to explain to them more about what to expect on the American side, and I am sure they will take him on a few shopping trips during the short time he will spend in KTM—including picking out saris for my mother and sisters to wear at the Nepali ceremony and a Dhaka topi for my dad (definitely breaking new ground here!)

With P leaving so soon (in a week!) and being gone so long (there will only be about 60 days before the weddings when he comes back!) it is really making the time feel short. How the heck is it April already?

8 responses to “100 Days Until Nepali Wedding

  1. So exciting. These are precious days, enjoy them and don’t get to stressed out. We had a blast with our American wedding and ended the night with some festive Nepali dancing – quite entertaining! The ceremony in Nepal was a lot of fun too and we’re glad Shreemati’s parents were able to make it. I look back in great fondness.

  2. The dhaka topi, is that the pointy hat that some Nepalese men wear? I wonder why it’s called Dhaka? Any connection to the capital of Bangladesh?

    Wow, the 100 days will surely fly by! How very exciting this is. Good luck with all the of the planning :)

  3. Yay good luck with both weddings :) Are they being conducted in the respective countries?

  4. is American Wedding 101 days away?

  5. Good luck with the preparation. Sounds like P will have a lot of fun in Nepal.

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