Do You Have Old Nepali Money?

It might not be worth anything sometime soon…

According to a BBC article today the old Nepali currency with a picture of deceased King Birendra of Nepal went out of circulation yesterday (March 15). The new currency has pictures of Mount Everest.

Banks in Nepal estimate that 10 billion rupees (US$135 million) has yet to be exchanged. There are a few weeks left to do so.

Good thing I used my spare change at the Tribuvhan airport to buy a snacks and a refrigerator magnet in 2009– because by the time we get there in 2011 my rupee notes may no longer be considered legal tender!

Old Nepali rupee with King Birendra

New Nepali Rupee with Mt. Everest, also featuring the state flower-- rhododendron

7 responses to “Do You Have Old Nepali Money?

  1. I have 2 notes of nepali rupees which i cant identify the year in which these notes were introduced. one is a 5 rupees note and the other is 20 rupees. front side of both the notes is having himalaya on the right hand side and temple on the centre. and revers, 5 rupee is having 2 yaks and far end himalayas and 20 rupees note having a single deer. can any one identify these notes? i need to know the year this was introduced.

    • Hi Manoj,

      I’m not an expert on Nepali money and what year different designs were minted. But perhaps another reader might…

    • I m nt so sure abt the date bt acordng to d information d 5 rupee note mst be printed on the early 2050s

  2. Found a Vietnamese store selling old currencies in which above bill with ” MINT ” markings is for sale … It is showing detailed // scaled references for making of the money .. NOT sure what this is called ,, but maybe someone could help …

  3. I got an old currency of one rupee during king mahendra published on 2013…..and the governor is himalaya shamsher.if i want to exchange that rupee how can i exchange…

  4. I have one coin where is written 518 i think this coin can be rarely found. i had searched in internet there was written that this coin was used in gurkha rules in Nepal. The coin is looks like 40/100 paisa. I would like to sell this coin for $50000, can anybody help me to sell it?

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