Nepal TV Station Presents News By Kerosene Lamp

I’ve discussed the problem of load shedding and power shortages in Nepal before. It’s a huge challenge, especially in Kathmandu, and one that really effects daily life. Imagine regularly not having electricity 12 hours or more a day! I’m not even talking about the practicality of using a computer, or charging a cell phone– but the basics, like having a refrigerator to keep your food from spoiling, or having a light to study for your exams and do your homework by in the evening. Perhaps one could imagine this as a problem in a village, but in the capital city? It’s truly remarkable, and sad.

The BBC’s Joanna Jolly had an article today which highlights Nepal’s electricity problem– apparently the nightly news broadcast on Kantipur Television has started to present their show lighted only by a kerosene lantern.

Reading the news by kerosene lamp-- is it 1911 or 2011? (photo credit: BBC)

“We want the government to produce more electricity as soon as possible,” Kantipur News head Tirtha Koirala told the BBC.

“So far we’ve been getting a very positive response from our audience, but nothing yet from the government.”

Mr Koirala said his television news bulletin would continue to be broadcast in darkness until the government responded.

I say “bravo!” to the news for taking a stand.

If you want to read the full article click HERE.

4 responses to “Nepal TV Station Presents News By Kerosene Lamp

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  2. yet_another_hindu_infidel

    That is sad and i understand your state of helplessness. We used to have power-riots in my country – india. The problem is the administration. The power company needs to grow as the population grows. Everyone needs power so it is not exactly a loss making venture. Indian administration has no accountability and hence no responsibility. I assume nepal has a similar setup. Just privatise the bloody thing.

  3. I am wondering how much privileged people are responsible for such issues who misuses power for AC and heating system. I have seen in India, people dont mind using AC when they also perhaps know that by consuming lot of electricity, they will not even have a simple fan or light, but they just dont understand. Whatever power is generated, it can never be enough unless its misuse is reduced.

  4. nice ingenious idea from the tv channel.
    the problem with nepal seems to be that they are so far unable to get a stable political system. with so much political uncertainty for so long , it is difficult to start building the nation.

    there were some discussions on nepal in this year’s jaipur literature festival. if you are interested you can check their online archive.

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