Dogs in Kathmandu

A colleague of mine sent me an article today from Tufts Veterinary Medicine Magazine about street dogs in Kathmandu.

As many of you probably know from my Kukur Puja posts, P and I have a cute little dog named Sampson. He was also a stray dog at one point—in Puerto Rico— and now lives a pampered life of Snaussage treats, nap times, and belly rubs. A true “rags to riches” story.

A growing population of feral dogs posses a public health threat in Nepal

Anyway, the article discusses  the problem of street dogs in Nepal claiming, “Ninety-five thousand dogs roam the streets of Kathmandu… equal to one-tenth the human population in that city…” and how Tufts Veterinary School professor Gretchen Kaufman has been working in the city since 2001 to help curb rabies outbreaks and spearhead spay and neutering programs.

For other dog enthusiasts out there who may find such an article (just a brief two pages) interesting, I wanted to pass along the link—the article is HERE, but you need to scroll down to page 3 of the pdf.

Oh, and while on the topic I guess, a little side story from P’s childhood… one of their neighbors growing up had a dog that bit P, and then died a month later. Both families weren’t sure if the dog had rabies, but since it died the doctors told P’s parents that he would have to get the rabies shots as a precaution. He had two choices– the more expensive option of three shots to the arm, or the less expensive option of 10 or 12 shots to the abdomen. Luckily P was able to go for the shots to the arm!

5 responses to “Dogs in Kathmandu

  1. My MIL is *terrified* of dogs, which is a problem because I love animals and A has promised me a dog (I suggested a cat, but apparently letting his mom be terrified is better for him, because his family thinks cats are dirty…I make him pet cats, but only after I’ve touched them first because I don’t want to reinforce his stereotypes by letting him touch dirty cats). MIL had to have the 12-series when she was a kid, and at least one of A’s cousins has actually died from dog bites (I think they didn’t realize it broke the skin?). So it’s going to be a pain in my neck someday, but I do understand why MIL would be so afraid.

  2. My A is terrified of cats and dogs, he won’t go near my cat, if she touches him he jumps…its getting old.

    He also believe animals should be “free” and feels like street dogs are happier than dogs who are “enslaved” in their owner’s homes.

  3. Street dogs absolutely break my heart. I’m happy that people are starting to address the difficulties of their welfare.

  4. Our lil pup was rescued by my hubby from the streets of Kathmandu one winter’s heart breaking to see those dogs in the streets being treated what-ever and I am surely happy that there are organizations willing to treat street dogs the best they can at least for some time…it’s really “dogs life” for these ones here… :/

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