ABD, Bday, and lots of Snow…

This was a big week for Americanepali—

Wednesday we had a snow day. As a college administrator in the northeast of the US, we don’t often get days off for bad weather, since we are supposed to embrace it (they say in New England—if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change). However Wednesday’s storm dropped about 18 inches on us. I’d upload pictures of our car in the snow bank which was our parking lot, but you seriously can’t tell it’s a car. It just looked like a big white pile of snow with black windshield wipers sticking out! I celebrated by curling up on the couch under a warm blanket, cuppa tea in hand, reading a big thick book—at least until I had to shovel out the car.

Thursday—P passed his dissertation proposal defense, which means he is officially “ABD” or “all but dissertation.” One of these days he might just be finished with school altogether :) Joking aside, I’m very proud of him. He’ll make a great “Dr. P” someday.

Friday was P’s “Nepali birthday.” We never quite know when it is ( it generally sneaks up and surprises us), but P’s mom will call and wish him a happy birthday on this day and generally go to a temple in Kathmandu to do a special birthday puja.

Saturday—was P’s 30th birthday! (Oops, I “out-ed” the old man). He didn’t want anything major, just some friends over for dinner. So we had the usual gang– R, S, D, S-di, M-dai, BG, N, our Irish friend, P’s brother and my sister. We were missing AS and N though– our former roommates who have left the cold of New England for greener pastures in Washington DC.

Monday was a holiday… and today work closed early due to more inclement weather. Although I would have loved another full “snow day,”  I’ll take getting out 3 hours early!

5 responses to “ABD, Bday, and lots of Snow…

  1. Happy birthdays to P!

  2. Happy birthday to P! Make sure the dog gets him a nice present :)

  3. Happy Birthday to P and congrats on passing the dissertation! The 18th was B’s birthday. And if he’s old, what am I???

  4. You can’t go wrong with mid-January people:)

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