There was an interesting article on the BBC today about a Himalayan medicine called Yarsagumba–it’s made from the mummified remains of a bat moth caterpillar and a fungus which grows out of the remains. It is a prized Chinese medicinal aphrodisiac.

The harvesting of this medicine has led to problems in the region with security and violence as it is one of the only means of income for local people. It is such a profitable trade that one kilogram could fetch $10,000.

How can I not share an article about trading and ingesting high altitude mummified bat moth caterpillar/fungus remains from Nepal? HERE.

2 responses to “Yarsagumba

  1. Ewwwwwww…An aphrodisiac made from the fungus growing out of an ancient dead insect? How romantic!

  2. the BBC article researched well. i do believe the chinese have to come down as the fungus is on the brink of extinction. fortunately the gov. in tibet has implemented a tax on the mushroom. the pickers do get a part of the money but since the value but only a dollar or so per piece. hopefully this will change.

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