Happy 2011… Now Go Visit Nepal!

Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate than visit a beautiful, culturally rich, and adventurous country?

The Nepali government and Nepali travel trade sector decided in October of 2008 to launch the national tourism campaign “Nepal Tourism Year 2011” to help bolster tourism after the country’s long and costly civil insurgency.

With the adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guests are Gods), an important concept at the heart of Nepalese culture, the campaign will hopefully rekindle tourist interest and dollars in the tiny Himalayan destination.

Not yet convinced? Check out this lengthy (9 minutes) but intriguing tourism montage:

If all works out, we hope to be there for Dashain 2011. When are you going?

9 responses to “Happy 2011… Now Go Visit Nepal!

  1. Joan Chamberlin

    I am going there in March!!!!

  2. We’re having the baby in April so I’m hoping to visit the family with the new bundle by Oct/Nov.

  3. I want to go there in October.

  4. Hey, I commented here but somehow it got eaten. Just wanted to say that I wish I could go! Maybe someday…

  5. don’t know when it will be, but sometime this year!!

  6. It’s on our list for April / May time (probably May as that is when our new holiday year starts and we’d like to go for at least ten days). I’ve been tasked with information gathering so any suggestions would be welcome!

    • Will you be in Kathmandu most of the time, or are you planning to travel around the country– Chitwan or Pokhara? All the travel guides will let you know the tourist highlights, but if you want local restaurant recommendations and “off the beaten path” ideas let me know, I can poll the Nepali community over here!

  7. I’m afraid of heights! :-)

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