New Year Resolutions 2011

2011 is fast approaching, so it’s that magic time when people make promises to themselves in the hope of creating a happy, healthy and productive new year.

What do I hope to accomplish? Here are a few of the big things:

1) Finish my master’s degree (finally). Pretty much all I have left is the thesis, and I’ve been putting it off for two years… its do or die time– and the rest of the winter will be devoted to pounding it out.

2) Finalizing our wedding plans and getting married (also a big “finally!”). I’m excited the big day is coming, and I hope all goes well.

3) Continue learning Nepali. I’m still terrible, but I got to keep trying.

4) Work out at least 3 times a week. I don’t need to loose major fat, but I’d like to trim up a bit. I was doing well before the university gym closed for the holiday, so I’m looking forward to it re-opening when the students return. I liked getting my stamina back up with a good jog like back when I was in high school, and this will hopefully also  help with the stress of thesis writing and wedding planning.

5) Eat out less. P and I are paying for most of our wedding ourselves and we have been good about saving, but we do have one Achilles heal– eatting out. We don’t go to pricey restaurants but eating out cheap Vietnamese food or Indian can add up if you do it 2 times a week or more. Maybe we can make a rule that we can only eat out 4 times a month, and once we reach that, we are done for the rest of the month. I’m also contemplating giving up eating out entirely for lent!

5) Be a better food organizer. P and I have tried this off and on the past few years… making a concerted effort to plan meals in advance and grocery shop based on needs instead of wants. That way we will be better about using what is in our fridge before it goes bad and making our grocery dollar and time stretch a bit more efficiently.We aren’t terrible at this, but we could be better. To that end, I should also make an effort not to go shopping when I’m hungry because I tend to over buy, and then I’m too impatient to cook after and eat out somewhere quick even though I have a car loaded with food.

6) Spend less time doing mindless things on the internet. I’ve spent much to much time this year fooling around when I could have been doing something more productive with my time. This includes– watching too much Hulu, Netflix, weird YouTube videos, and reading Wikipedia. I’m not lumping blogging in on this because I love it too much.

7) Try to make it to Nepal for Dashain 2011 (and get P’s immigration documents squared away in time for us to travel–knock wood).

I think those are the biggies. If I think of anything more I might be getting to unrealistic. What are your top 5 (or 7) resolutions for the year?

Happy New Year to everyone!

7 responses to “New Year Resolutions 2011

  1. I want to wish you and P a wonderful New Year!
    I found your blog quite by accident while researching all I could find on Nepal after making a few Nepali friends (and not knowing anything about the culture) and I have been a steady follower since.
    I am making my first of what I hope will be many visits to Nepal this month and I am so excited! Hearing it thru your stories has been wonderful!

  2. Haha, I have almost same new year wishes as you do! I agree with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I find myself too often surfing online doing stupid things for example watching youtube videos when I could be practising my Nepali language.

    We are also planning to go to Nepal next Dashain. I have never met my bf’s family and bf hasn’t seen them in three years. His bhai has grown up so much. When bf left Nepal brother was a small boy but now bhai’s voice is so low and moustache has began to grow! :D

    Happy New Year 2011! :)

  3. Are you my doppleganger? Most of this stuff is on my list (well, replace Nepali with Hindi and “finish masters” with “find paid work that uses masters”). We got a gym membership and some storage containers. I’m hoping that will fix a lot of things. Maybe we should challenge each other to spend a certain number of hours working on languages each week?

    • I definitely need nudges every now and then– so feel free to language poke away. I’m happy to check in with you too!

  4. Good luck with all that! I’m with you–I don’t need to lose too much weight, if any, but I do need to tone up a bit. My metabolism kicks in when I walk and hike a lot, so I need to do that. Just 20 minutes a day should do it.

    And I’m close to finishing my Masters, too! Good luck to both of us!!!

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