In Honor of AS

Today is the last day that P and I will be officially living with our dear friends AS and N. We’ve been roommates since May, and have stayed together before. We’ve shared a lot—their wedding, a month-long visit from N’s mother, not to mention countless dinners, debates, jokes and stories. We are very happy for them because N recently got a job in Washington DC, and they are both moving on to bigger and better things, but our little Nepali neighborhood community will be much smaller without them, and we will miss them greatly.

I will especially miss AS. I don’t think she realizes how much our friendship has meant to me, and how much she has shaped my understanding of Nepali culture and society. Before I moved to New England there was a lot I didn’t know. Even though P and I had been together for several years I knew nothing about festivals—Teej, Dashain, Tihar—I had a very limited understanding of traditions, the number of Nepali dishes I knew how to make was limited to chickpeas, cauliflower, egg and mushroom curries (and of course daal, rice and veg momo), I was hopeless at putting on  a sari, and I knew very little about how a woman in Nepali society acts and interacts with others (having mostly male Nepali friends up to that point).

AS has helped me become more comfortable in a foreign culture, and has been my confidante, sister and friend. I’ll miss looking over her shoulder to learn new cooking tricks, planning large dinner gatherings together, and having someone just down the road to have a cup of tea with and ask questions to. I can already picture dinner debates of the future being much quieter without her by my side!

I know that Washington DC is not the moon. We will definitely meet up for more dinners and through facebook and email the world is very small. But I’ll still miss her.

So cheers and good luck to AS and N. I eagerly await our next meet up, and the new stories we will all have to share.

Whether apple picking, making momo, celebrating festivals, getting ready for her wedding, having dinner gatherings or dinners out, or just having fun together, the past three and half years with AS have gone by too fast and were plenty of fun.

4 responses to “In Honor of AS

  1. I know what its like to lose a close friend because she is moving away, sometimes losing girlfriends is harder than losing boyfriends!

  2. I understand that. I am thinking I will miss them, then I can imagine your situation. I will miss you AS too and ofcourse N as well.

  3. So nice to have a good friend like that. I can see why it hurts so much to say goodbye, but its only until you meet again. :)

  4. Woo won’t be same without them. Never say goodbye…always say ‘See you again!

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