Sel Roti SUCCESS!!

To read about the original challenge, click HERE.

Excuse me while I do a little happy dance….

I’m thrilled to report that the sel rotis were a success! Certainly there is a learning curve, and they aren’t perfect, but for a first timer, I think they are impressive and I’m very very happy.

But I have to admit that I was really nervous. I was worried that my confidence would make me look foolish if it didn’t work. Before trying my first sel roti frying I literally took a deep breath and thought, “Yikes! Here goes nothing”… but it worked out perfectly fine!

So my naak is quite thulo today ;) I wanted to show the process in pictures… for the recipe click HERE.

Main ingredient... rice!

Soak the rice over night

Drain rice in the morning

Other ingredients... rice, ghee (I substituted ghee for butter because I was told it would have a better taste), banana, sugar, water, rice flour is pictured and suggested, but I didn't use...

Everything in the blender...

I added ground cardamom seeds to enhance flavor... just a pinch

Fluff batter and then let sit (covered) for 30-60 minutes to "rest"

Make sure the oil is the right temperature... about 350 degrees F

Very first attempt. A little pathetic looking BUT the batter stayed together and it was almost in a circular shape! Not bad for attempt number one!!

First few attempts were... er... not great... there was a bit of a learning curve... my first one crumbled, pictured in top right hand corner :(

Looking better...


Team work with AS!

These are a bit on the "too crispy" side, but they taste great!

N's mom helped to make sure the batter was well mixed, she verified the correct consistency.

and AS was certainly the best roti maker in the house...

Right side-- the "learning curve" pile, left side-- "we are starting to get it right" pile

Taking it out of the oil

How the magic happens...

I'm pouring sel batter into the oil

Don't let anyone tell you it's too hard... it CAN be done! It just takes practice :)

Sel rotis turned out so well... I think we are going to try round 2 tomorrow!! Hurray!!

14 responses to “Sel Roti SUCCESS!!

  1. How does your place smell now? :)

  2. wow, looks great. congrats on your sel roti success!

  3. Neat! I hadn’t heard of those before. Glad they came out well. Looks yummy

  4. Awesome! Congrats on winning out over Team Nepal’s doubts. :)

  5. Yea! they look great! and yummy too. good job on your first attempt. many more to come…:-) Happy Tihar and Happy Holidays!

  6. awesome work. i must admit, im very intrigued to try it myself now. i will let you know how i go when i attempt it!!

    • I made a second batch on Saturday and added a dash of baking powder to make the batter a little more puffy when fried… they turned out really nice!

      Definitely try! It will really impress your in-laws ;) and all your Nepali friends :)

  7. Success!!! Now you have to make some for us and bring them to the group in January–when I’ll be there again!!! :-)

  8. I came across your website because I was doing a search on american women married to nepalis men. I am new to blogging and I am very interested in your site and learning more about the Nepali culture. I also have some questions that I am hopeing to get answers to. Thanks.

  9. got inspired by your blog and I tried making sel roti….. it was a disastor…. :(

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