Kukur Puja in Photos

P and I are nerds, I’ll admit it. We love our dog like he is a furry child. So it’s fun to use the Nepali holiday “Kukur Puja” or “dog worship” as an excuse to spoil our pup. This is Sampson’s second year of participating in the festival.

Dogs are thought to be the messenger of Yamaraj, god of death, so worshiping your dog is supposed to protect your home from death and bad luck. It also celebrates the connections between dogs and humans.

So here are a few pictures from our early morning puja today…

Getting Sampson to sit to properly to give him a tikka and garland (he was distracted by the other treats I had hidden behind my back)

Giving tikka (he thought it was food, and wanted to lick it!)

Giving Sammu his garland, he was a bit reluctant at first, but after it was on, he was happy to walk around with it. AS said that dogs in Nepal usually tear the garland off straight away.

Puja Aarti

Successfully Kukur Puja-ed

Attracted by the sight of his new treats... a squirrel toy, a package of snaussage treats, and some cheese

Playing with his new squirrel toy

P gives Sampson a snaussage treat...

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11 responses to “Kukur Puja in Photos

  1. I love your pictures of Samson with his garland and tikka! So cute! I took our dog to the vet today for her lyme booster and check-up, so I think I might need to make it up to her and do a kukur puja!

  2. Thank you for the CUTEST PICTURES EVER!

  3. OMG these are the cutest pics! I need to do the same for my sweet Butler! Thanks for the info…I had no idea! Namaste

  4. He is so adorable! These pictures made my day.

  5. Great photos!! Now I want a little dog like Sampson

  6. Such a cute dog!
    And side note…love you scarf. Is that from Nepal? It’s so colorful and festive.

  7. you= your* :)

    I immediately noticed my typo and write the above and got a comment that said “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”
    That made me laugh.

  8. So cute!! Sampson reminds me of my childhood dog Midnight. Still miss him.

  9. OMG – sooooo adorable!

    I shan’t show the pictures to our dogs – they’d probably try to find a Nepali household to join.

  10. Great pictures of the dog!!! I have to admit to dog worship. When I come home, and my better half and my dog both rush to me and want to kiss me, I (almost) always hug Jackson, my greyhound, first. Does that make me a bad person? My dog is so awesome, I just can’t help it. Many of my friends ask about how my dog is doing before they ask about me. And I have a decently-sized picture of my first dog–a Pekinese/Lhasa-apso!!!–in my office so everyone can see him, too. His name is still the password to many internet things. Never apologize for doggie worship!

  11. i like that kukur puja, and every one must do the kukur puja. because thise kukur puja file your life with a lot of happiness and prosperity.

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