Halloween Costume Party

I know I talk a lot more about the “Nepali” aspect of our household than the “American” so I thought it fitting to share our victory from last night and give some props to our American side.

Every year P’s graduate school has a graduate Halloween costume party. We’ve gone every year, usually to see others costumes and hang out with friends. But this year we got really into it and dressed up more than usual.

A few weeks ago AS and I watched “Frida” streaming on Netflix, and I thought one of us could pull it off. I had a long flowy skirt from India, and some colorful Frida-like tops from Nepal. Since I’ve started growing my hair long for the wedding, both of our hair is long enough to braid in the Frida crown style, and I had a big fresh red flower from a recent school event to put in the middle of my part. I have enough interesting jewlry from Africa and South Asia to find something sufficiently “Frida” enough, so I decided to go as Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo.

P on the other hand was inspired by recent news events, and figuring I had a Chilean flag at my International Office, he decided to go as a Chilean Miner. He bought a white tee-shirt at the store and wrote “”Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” and drew a Chilean flag on the front with the words “Viva Chile.” He wore a yellow hard hat with a headlight and black sunglasses, and topped it off by draping my office Chilean flag across his back. Every time someone talked to him I tried to get him to answer, “Chi-Chi-Chi…Le-Le-Le!”

I liked our costumes. Homemade, creative, a bit different. I thought P had a good chance of winning the “best male costume” award for the night. A lot of people were coming up to him during the party saying, “Awesome idea!” “I love your costume!” and “Are you happy to be back on the surface?”, while posing for pictures with him.

I also received some positive comments and photo requests. People who knew Frida Kahlo could appreciate that my outfit looked pretty convincing, although not everyone knew who Frida was, one guy asked if I was a “renaissance vampire” (huh?)

But believe it or not, P won best male costume for the night, and independently (and very unexpectedly) I won best female costume! Victory for the American-Nepali household!

6 responses to “Halloween Costume Party

  1. Thts so cool! :)

  2. haha you both look great
    we don’t celebrate halloween in aus but it’s so over-commercialised here so some do!

  3. So I’m reading the latest blog (good stuff, btw) and I look to the right of the screen, and I saw this: “Warwick, Rhode Island, United States, arrived 0 seconds ago,” and I realized–this took a second–“Hey! That’s me!” Just so odd to see Big Brother at work, and in your face! Then I realized–this also took a second–“Oh, wait, I check my site’s analytics all the time.” For example, two times has someone read your site and then gone on to mine. And I know this. Scary stuff, eh? I remember when a bouncing square in an Atari game used to be the height of technological savvy…

    • I’d recommend adding a ticker like the feed I have showing where people are coming from. Its really interesting, and a fun way to track :)

  4. Great post! I love that you put some imternational flair and culture into your costumes rather than just sticking to the standard Halloween costumes.

  5. Awesome costumes!

    Aditya and I were lame-sauce this Halloween, and just hung out at home with a bowl of candy in front of our house (the dogs go crazy every time some knocks, plus our front yard is fenced). I blame unpacking tiredness. Next year I want to do something more exciting, though (like hang out in SF – that city goes crazy for Halloween), or at least help escort our niece and nephews around the neighborhood.

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