Jamara Status…

So Dashain tikka is tomorrow. I think we will start the day by getting our household tikka from P (he’s the oldest), and then we will be having our regular tikka and party at S-di and M-dai’s place tomorrow afternoon.

and… I’m happy to report that our jamara planting was successful!

I have to admit, during my first post “planting the jamara,” I was a bit worried that nothing was going to grow and I’d have to admit defeat to the internet community. On day three I was quite encouraged to see the jamara seedlings peeking up into the air. However on day 9 (today!), it is amazing to see how fast it has grown!


Top view



Side view


So it is ready to be used for tikka tomorrow! Hurray!

P’s brother U is coming up from Philadelphia, and we chatted online with family earlier today. Good times for Dashain! Best wishes to all…

2 responses to “Jamara Status…

  1. happy dashain to you guys.
    i got my first tikka!
    It was also my birthday so it was certainly an auspicious day

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