The Jamara is Growing!

When I checked out my jamara this evening I was excited to see the little yellow shoots popping up! I was so excited I ran in to the room with my jamara planter while P was talking to his parents on skype, and I showed them the progress on the webcam. His mom and dad were impressed with their growth (“Wow, your jamara is beating ours!”) but then they started scolding, (“Don’t carry the jamara around the house! Leave it growing until the last day of Dashain! Put it back!”)

So I wanted to share the progress… :)


5 responses to “The Jamara is Growing!

  1. I like that your family immediately scolded you!

    • I think in general I haven’t been treating the jamara with enough respect (you are supposed to worship it every day, and only touch it after taking a shower…) but alas, I’m excited none the less ;)

      • so do you eat it after it grows?

        • No… you use it during the “tikka” ceremony on the last day of Dashain. The tikka is made from vermilion powder, yogurt and rice and elders put a circle of it on your forehead while giving blessings. The jamara is then tucked behind your ears as part of the blessing. But I was really excited to see it grow because I was worried after writing about it on the blog, the seeds wouldn’t do anything, and I’d be outed as an internet failure ;)

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