Planting the Jamara (in pictures)

So, little did I know that traditionally men are in charge of the jamara planting ritual, but I took charge of our planting tonight, since I seemed to be most excited. Hopefully I didn’t commit some terrible taboo. First I took a shower to “purify” myself and then started the planting.

So what did I do?

Step one: Soaked the jamara seeds. You are supposed to soak them overnight, but I only soaked then for about 20 mins. My housemates said that was okay, hopefully it won’t disturb my jamara growing process…

Step two: Gathered materials… jamara seeds, container for the plants, and sand.

Step three: Filled the bottom of the container with sand

Step four: sprinkled jamara seeds in a single layer on top

Step five: covered with a thin layer of sand

Step six: Watered generously

Step seven: covered and stored in a dark place (the seeds grow better when moist and dark)

Step eight: water when necessary. Jamara should be moist but not swamped.

The plants are supposed to look yellowish green not green-green… so hopefully I start to see shoots soon.

I hope my little seeds grow. I’ll let you know what they look like in ten days!

4 responses to “Planting the Jamara (in pictures)

  1. you bought sand? we are getting it from the beach :) my mom said you don’t have to water it generously over the next 10 days – you don’t want it to be soggy – just sprinkle some. she even suggested sprinkling it in an interval of 3- 4 days, you don’t want to open it often.


  2. Good job!

    Wao, one can sell anything in the U.S. of A, even sand…
    Happy celebrations,

    Desi Girl

  3. What kind of sand are you using? I went to a local hardware store and asked for sand to grow barley and they said they only have sand for cat litter. Does that work?

    • I think any kind of sand will do, I think the key is not to have good soil, you don’t want something very nutrient rich, you want something like sand or bad quality dirt.

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