“The F-1 Student Visa Process Explained”

Today at work I’m doing the annual “Cultural Adjustment Check-In” with my international freshmen. We reshow the Youtube videos from international orientation on culture shock and cultural adjustment, and see where students are in “phase II–or ‘what am I doing here?!'” and their coping strategies and questions (plus we give them lots of pizza).

I decided to show one of my favorite “Piled Higher and Deeper” PHD comicsThe F-1 Student Visa Process Explained.” As most of your significant others (or perhaps you the reader) are (or were at one point)  international students I figured you could appreciate it:

You can see the original at the link above if this looks a little blurry

3 responses to ““The F-1 Student Visa Process Explained”

  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I actually laughed out loud at reading it :)

  2. I love phd comics!!!

  3. I love PHD comics! I’m in grad school right now, and it’s almost scary how much I can relate. My Nepali bff and I can spend hours procrastinating by reading these. Thanks for your blog! It’s been pivotal in helping me better understand where O comes from, and some of the cultural differences we share. I also feel your pain about the Nepali language. He’s trying to teach me, and I’m failing miserably! Hang in there, you are not alone!

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