Art Asana

We had a wonderful weekend catching up with an old friend and her husband in Cape Cod and I wanted to take a moment to give her a shout out.

Eliza is an artist and creates vibrant colorful mixed media artwork inspired by her interests in yoga and creativity. We studied in India together as undergraduate students, where she studied tantric art (while I studied cultural tourism), and we have shared an American-South Asian connection (and now interest in the blogosphere) ever since.

I have her link under “My Friends’ Blogs” but if you haven’t had a chance to check out her Esty shop or her blog, I encourage you do to so.

We bought two of her prints to liven up our new apartment:



But she has all sorts of great work, and it was hard to choose! Like this pair inspired by Buddhist mandalas:

Root Chakra- Symbol

Root Chakra- Yantra

Or these  pieces:




So as I look at my window at the overcast and rainy afternoon today, at least I can peek at Eliza’s art for a bit of sunshine and inspiration.

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