The Pasta-Rice Wars

It’s the age-old debate in our house… what’s for dinner or as P so aptly puts it, “Ke khane?”

The two contenders on the field are generally daal-bhat or pasta and salad. With four Nepalis in our house these days, bhat is generally the winner.

Although last night AS tried a new recipe. She had been searching different cooking videos on youtube and found a chef making a salad out of pasta—but the pasta looked like rice! She had to try it! So she went to the grocery store and carefully searched the pasta aisle, scrutinizing each variety until she found it—orzo.

So last night we had soup and salad made from orzo pasta. P assumed it was a rice salad until AS announced to the table that the salad was, in fact, made with pasta.

“No…” P said, disbelieving, “It looks just like rice, just bigger and thicker!”

“Yes,” AS triumphantly smiled, “It looks like rice, but it’s pasta!”

P looked at me and said, “All these years you’ve been making pasta out of the wrong noodles! I’d eat this any day… do you think it would taste good with daal?”

“You could but the orzo pasta in a lentil soup” AS offered, “I’m sure that would taste good.”

So orzo pasta might be the armistice the Pasta-Rice Wars have been waiting for.

7 responses to “The Pasta-Rice Wars

  1. My Indian husband doesn’t care for pasta either. I may just have to try this and see what his reaction is!

  2. haha thats funny. so, here American and Nepali food culture merge nice to see that :-)

  3. A will not eat pasta, going to an Italian restaurant is not even an option.

  4. Pasta is great if it’s made the right way & when you are in the mood for something quick & easy (note my right way may not be the right way for pasta zealots). However, no matter how close to rice looking this Orzo pasta may be, I think when I am craving rice, I can’t feel satisfied with Orzo. When you grow up eating rice 3 meals a day, it’s hardwired in your brain. Now you got me thinking about indian food.

  5. Hey, I’m American and my fiance is from Nepal and I feel weird saying this, but…do you wanna chat sometime? I’m on Skype a lot…I’ll give you my username if you’re interested. Don’t really know anybody else in the same situation and it would be nice to have someone to talk to…

  6. I love both pasta and rice. They each have place in my heart (well stomach). It depends on what I’m craving for that day. However, I’ve to say that orzo pasta can’t be used for anything else except salad in potluck picnics… A traditional American dish,* you need bigger or longer pastas.

    *Yes — America has it’s own American pasta-cuisine that has evolved from Italian American families.

  7. Aditya’s mom makes really good Italian dishes, and has since he was a kid, so we’ve never had to fight this particular battle in our household. However the brown rice/brown pasta vs. the white versions has been a vicious battle. Whole wheat is triumphing for now, mainly because I do most of the shopping.

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