Deadliest Journeys–Nepal

The administrative assistant in my office found this video on Hulu yesterday and passed it on to me since it was about Nepal. So last night after dinner, a group of us sat around the table eating dessert and watching the show.

The voice over commentary is over dramatic, but it is still interesting to watch and see the conditions of one of the remotest roads in Nepal (from Surkhet to Jumla– a 185 mile journey that takes 4 days by truck).

Apparently the editing staff played around with translating Nepali to English, and in several instances the subtitles over dramatize what an interviewee stated (example– the subtitle said, “Damn that road that killed my mother!” when she actually said, “I’m scared of that road that killed my mother,”), or outright changed a good portion of the context. However, if you are like me and need to rely on the subtitles, you’ll get a general idea of what is being said. I’d recommend watching with a Nepali speaker so you’ll get a better understanding of what the local people are actually saying.

The program is only about 20 minutes long, and if you are not able to watch Hulu in your home country, I believe the video is also available on Youtube (but you have to sign in to watch it).

While looking for a picture of the road I found another posting that tells about the journey between Surkhet and Jumla with lots of great pictures– “The Karnali Express: Bumping on for 52 Hours (Jumla to Surkhet)” on the blog “United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal.”

An example of the road between Surkhet and Jumla

One response to “Deadliest Journeys–Nepal

  1. Diptesh Shrestha


    I was doing google to learn few facts for my next trip “Rara Lake” and i came across this website. It is sad to say that being a Nepali myself, I know so less about my own country. I am planning for a trip to Rara Lake right after Dashain festival with my frens. Initially, we were planning to consult a travel agency and let them manage the complete package for us. And we did consult a travel agency as well but it seems they are more interested on guiding the foreigners rather the local people and we pay much much much less. So, we have now decided to travel on our own. I, somehow, manage few more days leave from my office so I have very limited days to complete this trip (max 9 days). So, I was planning to take flight from Joomla to Surkhet on our way back but it seems very difficult to do that as well. Currently, it’s tourist season, so it’s very difficult to get flight ticket booked without help of travel agencies or if you are not foreigner. Nothing seems to be set before we start our trip. It’s sad to say that there isn’t much information on e-pages either about the trip. Most of the information about this trip, in websites, are mean to be for foreigner/tourist. But, we are going anyway. I hope/pray the road-ways from Kathmandu to Surkhet and then the deadliest bus-route from Surkhet to Joomla and same way back will not be disrupted during our trip. It’s not raining any more so I hope we have a sound journey. I am “wicked” excited about this trip and esp. be at the Rara Lake.

    I stop by to say that it was nice to know/ learn some information from your website as well. Good to know that even few people like you, who are not a Nepali but still have so much interest for a poor country like us and many others.

    Keep up the good work. May “Gawd” bless you.

    With regards,
    Diptesh Shrestha

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