Blogging Aesthetics

While writing my quick post this morning I realized something on the blog looked a little weird. It took me a few minutes to put my finger on it, until I realized that all my side bars were gone—links remained, but categories, archives, comments, blog stats, search bar, everything else—had disappeared!

I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on so I went to the WordPress widget bar to re-add all my sidebar information, but it wasn’t until I sat down during lunch and started reading through the WordPress newsfeed (to see if others were complaining about this sudden strange change) did I figure out that the blog theme I was using had been updated to a new format and I had more options to arrange the look of my blog.

So I spent the rest of my lunch break playing around with different layouts, including changing to a dual sidebar format, and changing the background color to black. I kind of like the new look, but I’d love to have some reader feedback.

Do you prefer the black background or white? Do you find the dual sidebars confusing and too busy? What if both sidebars were side by side on the right hand instead of split one on each side? Or do you like the old way of a single sidebar on the right hand side?

Last but not least—I contemplated changing my banner picture. I love my Bodhinath, and I feel like it is now part of the “AmericaNepali” brand, but there was a great photo of a prayer wheel in Lukla that I was contemplating to use as a new banner. The photo is below:

So gracious readers, what are your thoughts?

9 responses to “Blogging Aesthetics

  1. I liked the white background because it’s classic. have you every heard of black book with white test? The white color also feels bright and gives positive/uplifting vibes. The dark background looks little amateurish/teenish (if there’s that word). It just bring back memories of fansites with all the fanfictions with stars from far far away in the background. If you are bored with white I suggest try other lighter color.

  2. I don’t mind double sidebars if they showed different content. You are showing recent posts and categories on the top both sides. However, I have to say that I prefer simple 1 sidebar design. In a way what I am saying is that I liked the way your website was before.

    • I’m too fast for WordPress I guess… it looks like they restored my old content, which messed up my new bars. I’ll fix this ASAP. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. I like the idea of changing up banner/header pictures occassionally, and if I ever get around to making my blog look pretty, I’d like to do that too. I like the double sidebars too. But the black make my eyes bug out, I liked the white better, or just something lighter with darker text.

  4. I like the white better, too…it’s much easier to sneak a peek at a white background at work than a black one!

  5. this looks better! black was too much for eyes…

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