On the Move

During the next week and a half the American-Nepali household will be shifting locations. Not the website but our actual household. We aren’t moving very far, just to a bigger place down the road with off-street parking and a nice view.

However I’m a little sad to move, we have been in our current apartment for three years, much longer than I expected when we first moved in–and the apartment has been good to us. While the local neighborhood wasn’t always the safest, most of our friends lived only a short walk from our place, and we often had visitors popping in to say hello, have a cup of tea and/or a plate of food. Actually within half an hour of P and I driving up in the U-Haul delivery truck from New York we met three Nepali neighbors walking down the street who dropped everything to help us carry boxes. It was a warm and helpful “welcome to the neighborhood” and a nice surprise. Our new place is in the same apartment complex as our friend D, so rest assured there will still be guests (and much early Saturday morning soccer watching for P), but the people from our old neighborhood, most of whom do not have cars, might visit a little less frequently.

I have to admit that having guests pop in unexpectedly was something I had to get used to. The house I grew up in was in the woods. Our road was about two miles long and I could count the number of neighbors we had on one hand. We had guests from time to time, family or friends who would stop in for the day, but those visits were usually scheduled. I never experience the suburban lifestyle of neighbors knocking on my door for a cup of sugar, and I think we only had two trick-or-treaters at our door for Halloween.

It might not always be convenient to have people ring the doorbell randomly, but it’s nice to know that people care, that they genuinely want to say hi, see how you are doing, and talk about how the day went. It’s nice to feel connected to a community. As more of our friends start to graduate from their masters and phd programs and filter away, our community will grow smaller and eventually even we will have to either stay more permanently or move away as well. I hope wherever we do wind up we have another great community surrounding us.

But for now, our move is not so far. So I hope we still get visitors for tea and dinner! That means you too Neeti!

One response to “On the Move

  1. The old apt (17)will be missed. I am sure newer communities will be joining our Worcester family and as we can see, guests have not been a problem at the new place either.

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