House Hunters International- Nepal

I was contacted last week (through the blog) by an associate producer for the HGTV television program House Hunters International a show which “follows English speaking expats in their quest to purchase a house abroad.” The producers are “particularly keen to film in Nepal and are looking for people under the age of 50 who have owned their house in Nepal for under two years.”

She sent me the following description:

House Hunters International is a half-hour program currently airing on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV).  The program is a spin-off of the popular House Hunters and has spent the last several seasons exploring the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in other countries.

The production will be a world tour of locales in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  Whether Homebuyers are relocating permanently or plan to purchase a vacation or retirement home, HHI is about their personal journey of discovery and the making of life-long dreams.

The series is designed to de-mystify the international home-buying process by going behind the scenes of a house hunt where buyers and their real estate agents tour 3 homes.  Eventually, they make a decision to purchase the one they like best.  The buyers make the big move, and we pay them a visit to see how they are getting on.

At its core, House Hunters International is a travel show.  Each episode of this 26-part series will concentrate on the idiosyncrasies of the locales and what makes them special and different.  A great deal of effort will be made to capture rich visuals and to provide sequences where viewers will be exposed to local vistas, traditions, lifestyles and architecture.

I’ve asked around to see if anyone I knew might know someone who fits the description the producer is looking for, but I don’t know anyone buying homes right now in Nepal. Do any of you? If so, feel free to contact the producer (information below), and who knows, maybe someone you know might represent Nepal on this television program.

Michelle James
Associate Producer

127 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010.
+1 212 843 2821

4 responses to “House Hunters International- Nepal

  1. happinessandsimplicity

    I love that show. Sorry I haven’t been reading your blog lately, I’ve been weird. (Also I almost never use my google homepage anymore, and that’s where all the headlines for the blogs I subscribe to are. I signed into it today and saw the blog title and had to know more.)

    Anyway, like I said, I love that show, and I think it’s really crazy that they contacted you! Very cool, but I don’t know where they would have gotten the idea that you were going to be buying a house in Nepal.

    I guess they probably figured that you would in fact know someone. That’s pretty cool… you’re getting famous!

  2. americanepali

    My guess is that the producer probably googled “Nepal” and “house” and since my blog has both words in the title it came up in their search ;) It was pretty cool though.

  3. Francois Dirard, the cheesemaker, was featured in Nepal for this show –
    Weird thing is his partner and I went to the same high school! Small world eh!

    • I feel like I have to stop being amazed by Nepali connections… because everyone really does know everyone ;)

      Next time we are in Nepal I’d love to try some of their French-Nepali cheese!

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