Back Again

Hello all, sorry I’ve been absent. I did give a heads up.

It has been busy. The  American-Nepali household has been all over the place in the past two weeks. P is working at a research institute in Maryland for the summer and left New England on Memorial Day. I was at an International Educators conference in Kansas City (MO and KS), and had a chance to stay with another Nepali college friend that I haven’t seen in years and meet his lovely wife. As one of my colleagues at the conference said, “You have Nepali connections all over the place!”

I returned home over the weekend to a full house. Since P is gone for the summer and we have space (and I prefer the company), three friends are staying with me—people you have heard about before—AS, N and KS. It is kind of nice to have an apartment full of people. We take turns making dinner and doing the dishes, there is always someone around to take a walk, go to the gym, watch a movie, or chat with. In addition there have been a lot of people around in general, dropping in for dinner, congregating to watch the Celtics in the NBA finals (hey, I live in New England, I  have to support the home team! Plus basketball is my American sport of choice), and this weekend is the start of the World Cup. Needless to say the summer will be full.

P is coming back tonight for a brief visit on his way out to South Dakota. The research institute in Maryland set him up in a hotel for the summer, which would be nice if it had a kitchenette. I think P has to make sandwiches, microwave dinners, or eat out.  He’s not happy, and is looking forward to daal, bhat, tarkari and maasu for dinner tonight (lentils, rice, vegetable curry and meat). Luckily the best cook in the neighborhood (AS) is now in residence!

Yesterday he mentioned to me that he met another Nepali at the research institute and I was teasing him about using the “Nepali ho” connection to get himself invited over to dinner once a week for his daal/bhat fix. Poor guy. I’ll have to drive to Boston to pick him up after work, and at least tonight he will have a belly full of Nepali cuisine.

Also, last night I submitted my story to be critiqued by the local writer’s group (I mentioned this before). I’ve passed it around to various friends for suggestions and edits before submitting the draft. There certainly is more work that could be done, but I’m pretty happy at where it is right now. I am looking forward to see what the writer’s group has to say (next Tuesday night), and another round of editing. I’m both nervous and excited. Perhaps one of these days I will see a story of mine in print. You never know.

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