MIA for a little while

My friend at Art Asana mentioned that her dad recommended that she let readers know when she is going to take a little break so they don’t think she just “disappeared.” I thought that was  good advice, so I wanted to give you guys a heads up. So here is the deal:

-I’ll be at an International Educators conference in Kansas City next week (anyone else going to NAFSA?), so I might not be able to post.

-In the meantime we are preparing for some summer house guests (AS, N and KS), and P is getting ready to spend the summer near DC, so the A-N Household has been busy cleaning (or trying to) and packing.

-I joined a local writer’s group to improve my writing skills and get feedback. The group rules are that you have to attend three months worth of meetings (to make sure you are “committed”) before you can have your stuff critiqued. I’m up for June… so I’m trying to rework African Hare Krishna into a stand alone piece. Reworking a piece takes a lot more time than I thought… so my creative juices are flowing it that direction this week.

I’ll be back in about a week and a half. I promise! (Unless something sparks a post before then…)

2 responses to “MIA for a little while

  1. Have a fun and fruitful time at the conference.

  2. Wow you are amazing! I can’t believe that you write everything about you relationship in the internet. I really have to appalaud your courage women. When two people get into relationship… they naturally experience new things…Okay in your case its a person from a different culture. How far is this whole online diary thing of yours going to go!

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