Birth in Rural Nepal

P is the one who usually finds the interesting video clips on Nepal. I think he knew of this one because one of his friends back home helped with the video editing. It is a 20 minute documentary on the challenges of giving birth in rural Nepal– a production by Subina Shrestha made for an Al Jazeera program called “Witness.”

I found the program really interesting, and would recommend watching it if you can. It highlights the challenges faced by women in the rural areas who are far from hospitals and have to give birth in their homes. The streaming video can be found HERE. Or you can watch it on the YouTube link below:

2 responses to “Birth in Rural Nepal

  1. Hi again,
    My bf and i came across this post just today, and watched this clip. Ten seconds into it, my bf goes “hey, that’s my cousin-sister! I remember she said she was working on something for aljazeera”. I was like wow small world, and thought it was a note-worthy comment. Hope things are well :)

    • It never ceases to amaze me how small the Nepali world is… everyone literally knows everyone! Somehow I’m not surprised that your bf’s cousin-sister was involved with the project! ;)

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