Good News!

I’m not great at keeping secrets, at least not exciting ones, so I’m impressed with myself for keeping my mouth shut for two weeks… but I’m about ready to burst if I don’t share the good news with you all.

Remember my post Obstacles on the Way to the Altar? Well there are still a fair share of obstacles, but we are getting one step closer… P and I finally set a wedding date, or should I say, dates!

The plan is to get married the weekend of July 9-10, 2011. Currently we have July 10th scheduled and a place booked for our American wedding (or as our South Asian friends refer to it, “white wedding”), and the next piece I will have to work on is the July 9th Nepali wedding at a nearby Hindu temple (probably the same place P had his Bratabandha–it has a Nepali priest, and it is more “toned down” than some of the other temples around, so perhaps it will be a bit less shocking for my more conservative relatives).

Hurray! I feel like a huge frustration has been lifted off my shoulders! Now I can start making an action plan, instead of grumbling at the lack of progress. It is so nice to be one step closer to “Gori Wife” rather than stuck in “Gori Significant Other” land.

I promise you that this won’t turn into a wedding blog, but please forgive me if I sprinkle in a few wedding prep/ideas/family argument posts between now and then…

15 responses to “Good News!

  1. Will you also have a function in Nepal?

    • americanepali

      We hope eventually we will have something in Nepal… a reception of sorts, if anything at least to have a chance to meet friends and family. For now I’m focusing on doing the ceremonies and anything else can follow as we are able to do it.

      • I hope it all goes smoothly – and like the other comments, I don’t mind hearing about the wedding preparations. Hope you get all the support you need from both sides of the family.

  2. Congratulations. 2011 seems so far away, but you will have lots to do if you plan to go traditional.
    Well, we don’t mind hearing about wedding. Afterall, it doesn’t last forever.

  3. Congrats!! I’ll echo the sentiment of the poster above…we don’t mind hearing about your wedding plans!! I had a planned-and-completed-in-a-week-wedding, so it would be interesting to hear your take.

  4. Congratulations! We bookstore folks were wondering when it happen.

  5. congrats….am so happy for you :) it’ll be interesting to see what you’ll be wearing for the 2 weddings

  6. Wow! Yay! Many many congrats to you! Are you going to have a chance to go wedding shopping in Nepal before you have your marriage?

    • americanepali

      Probably not… but if any friends go home within the next year, I might have a few shopping lists for them ;)

  7. I’m just catching up on blog reading today and I read back to read this one! Congratulations!!!! I’m so excited for you! I, like everyone else here, would love to here about your wedding plans sprinkled in here and there! Yeah! my day just got brighter even though its snowing out where I am….

  8. hahahah! Gori significant other – good one!

  9. Congrats!! You are getting married about a month before me. I am also getting married to a Nepali guy and I am the American. We are located in MN. I find great solace in your blog. His parents do not approve of our marriage and my parents are remarkably cool with the whole thing. We have not set a date for the Hindu ceremony since we are waiting for next year’s Nepalese calender to come out.

    • americanepali

      Hang in there. It’s tough when you don’t have parental support, but i think with time people eventually come around. Good luck with the wedding. We will have to swap wedding prep stories!!

  10. Finally catching up on older blog posts… I’m so glad to hear that you’ve finally been able to set a date. Looking forward to reading more details (which I’m sure you’ve already blogged).

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