More on Rice

My sister forwarded something to me from the “Post Secret” community art project blog (“where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard”). She thought I could relate to one particular postcard this week:

I spoke a bit about my ups and downs with rice and daal in the post Please… No more Rice! Don’t get me wrong, I like rice. I enjoy eating rice from time to time. But where I start struggling is when I am asked to eat rice every day, multiple times a day, in large large quantities. Oh man, I’m finally starting to rebound in the rice and daal department after our trip to Nepal last summer, but for a while I couldn’t look at a pile of rice and lentils without having that sickening feeling of being constantly over-stuffed and heavy and on the verge of developing bulimia (I say that half jokingly, but I’m not sure how much longer I could keep up the eating stamina).

It is kind of nice to know that others out there can get sick of eating rice after a while as well (even “Asians”– vindication!!!)

And in the meantime, I have leftover rice and egg curry for lunch today ;)

2 responses to “More on Rice

  1. I love rice, but I don’t particularly like South-Asian style rice. It’s okay, but, if I’m going to eat white rice, I’d rather go with shorter grain sticky rice (cooked in an expensive Korean rice cooker, if we’re dreaming). And most of the time I’d much rather have brown rice than white rice, since it’s healthier and more filling.

  2. I totally thought of your rice post when I read this secret!

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