Hurray for International Education!

For the past few days I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia for an international educators training/extended workshop. The sessions have been interesting– the days are long, but being here in a large room of like-minded people really energizes me. I feel full of fresh ideas, insights, and contacts.

When I was an undergrad student I think my family worried that I’d never find a job… who studies “Global Studies” and “African Studies” anyway? Who spends half their time learning languages and traveling to other countries? But I couldn’t have found a better niche than international education.

Plus I think today I talked one of my new colleagues into taking her next family vacation to Nepal ;)

2 responses to “Hurray for International Education!

  1. Dare I ask what the average salary is for someone in your field? It sounds like a lot of fun…

    • You’ll never become rich as an international educator, but working with students can be really fun and interesting… and I love creating programs (so I don’t strictly work with just the immigration stuff) :) I wish there was more travel though… study abroad gets to do more of that…

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