Int’l Students Contribute $17.6 Billion to US Economy

I couldn’t help myself… I had to put this up here…

NAFSA, the Association for International Educators, recently released estimates of net spending of international students in the US Economy. At a time when many people are being very protectionist about jobs– “don’t take jobs from the American people” — it is nice to see some positive statistics about some of the internationals living in the US. International students are good for many reasons… multiculturalism on campus and in the classroom, diversity of perspectives and experience, even economically positive!

According to the estimates, students contributed $17.6 Billion to the US economy. To check out the report and see the individual state breakdowns click HERE.

Now if only I can find that article with information on how every H1B visa that is issued creates a certain number of jobs in the community…

Als0 on a different note, P says that today is GIS Day… so since I mentioned International Education Week, I have to be fair and can’t forget to wish everyone a Happy GIS day. I guess this shows that we are both nerds.

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