American Kantipur 1: Goats and Missing Krishna

Kantipur” is one of the main news agencies in Nepal. It’s a printed and online newspaper as well as a nightly news broadcast.

Krishna in Queens

Krishna in Queens, New York

In lieu of a proper post this evening, I decided to pass along two interesting news articles that P found. The first article was from the BBC, and amused P, “only Nepal would have an article highlighting a goat crisis,” and the second was an article from New York Magazine.

Apparently an older Nepali woman was visiting her daughter in Queens. It was her first trip to the US, and she become disoriented while taking an early morning walk. She wound up lost for three days while her family feared the worst. Well written and interesting, I recommend checking it out:
Krishna Gone Missing: A Nepalese woman’s 53 hours lost on the streets of Queens.”

The BBC goat article talks about Dashain, a Nepali festival that just started. Apparently Nepal is experiencing a goat shortage, and there are not enough goats for ritual sacrifice. I’ll write about Dasain later in the week.

goatOf course, that reminds me of a story. Two years ago we were going to have a party around the time of Dasain. Some of the neighborhood guys were interested in driving to a goat farm somewhere nearby and bringing back a goat for the festival.

Me: “So you want to drive 2 hours away, buy a live goat and bring it back in our car?”

P: “Don’t worry, they will kill it first.”

Me: “Wait, so you want to drive 2 hours away and put a dead goat in the trunk of our car?”

P: “Don’t worry, they will cut it up into little pieces first.”

Me: “Your story is not getting any better…”

6 responses to “American Kantipur 1: Goats and Missing Krishna

  1. There’s really no way anyone could convince me to drive 2 hours with a dead goat cut up into pieces, either… so, you’re not alone. : )

    I’m really enjoying reading these posts. Even this one that you say isn’t a “proper post” at least gave me a chuckle.

    I’m getting a good laugh along with P from your own attempt at “Nepali ho,” too!

  2. “Your story is not getting any better…”
    very funny

    I really don’t like the slaughter of animals especially during dashain. If PETA was in nepal , they would be horrified

    • There is a scene in the documentary “The Living Goddess” which talks about the Kumari that shows a scene from the royal dashain sacrafice of the 108 goats and buffalo. Its a bit tough to bare, particularly when you hear the reverberating “WACK!” of the goat head getting chopped clear off in one blow. However, I try not to be judgmental about animal killing, even as a vegetarian, since my father is an avid hunter.

  3. Yes I agree. I am not a vegeterian and its even hard for me to imagine such things so i can only imagine how you feel. Slaughtering of animal is definetly not a pretty sight to look at.

  4. I don’t see animal sacrifice as any worse than just eating regular meat – as long as the animals are not suffering needlessly and the food isn’t being wasted (and my understanding is that it all eaten in Hindu festivals) then, well, *shrug*.

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